Sadbaffoon - Crazy Ex GF Holds You Hostage

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Description: Your ex GF that you cheated on is coming to the apartment you guys once lived in to pick up the rest of her stuff. After giving her the box of stuff, she asked if you guys can talk about something real quick. She was saying that you really hurt her, because you started dating the girl you cheated on her with. You said you were sorry and that you can’t choose who you develop feelings for. She says that your “sorry’s” feel empty and that you’re being insincere. She suggests maybe you can do something for her? She’s been feeling lonely recently and really misses your touch. Maybe you can be together one more time? You really love your new GF, although you cheated on your ex, you don’t want to do it again. Your ex gets angry, pulls a pistol out of her purse, and says if you don’t get on your knees she’ll put a bullet in your head. You oblige, she pushes your face into her pussy, and makes you lick it while she tells you how much you suck at eating pussy. Afterwards, she sucks your cock while waving the gun in your face and rants about how prude your GF is and could never suck dick as good as her. She opens her legs and gestures at you to come fuck her. After getting frustrated that you weren’t fucking her right, she makes you to eat her dirty butthole. She says she hasn’t showered today to make it extra tasty for you. Disappointed at your ass eating skills, she decides to ride your cock and do it herself. After she cums, she ties you to a chair, and makes you cum with a cum countdown/handjob all over your chest. She leaves you there, tied up with pink rope, and cum on your chest for your new GF to come home and see.