truly stupid jenni_sweety asian russian

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Description: she was requested by AA, so here is a short clip of her moaning and doing what she does. only dropped 1k as she really isn't worth more. I am not sure what the appeal of her is. She comes across as a truly stupid girl. Maybe it is just her act to try and make money here, but the word bimbo is perfect for her. Just watch her for a few minutes and you will agree that she seems to have nothing between her ears. Everything she does, every little mannerism screams 'i am stupid'. her tongue is nver in her mouth, she is constantly sticking it out and licking fingers or her tits and making dumb big eyes at camera or stupid animal noises and little whimpers, and using baby talk when she talks. Trying to be some anime whore.

Personally I think she does it too well for it to be all fake, so she probably is dumb as fuck as she appears. if you like them stupid she is for you, if you like a bit of brains and personality , find another girl. If it is an act, she is losing a lot of money playing the dumb asian bimbo card, it went out of fashion years ago.