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Description: Myfreecams Model 2013 to 2019! Her Mother Name --> Vannessa Anderson Vangelis I've already met the man I'm going to make videos with, his name is Ewerton he's Brazilian and he's marrying me and we're going to be husband and wife and be living together forever! She is now in a home located in Vancouver Canada, and in July will move to another home located in Vancouver! In this new residence she will cosplay the character Uraraka, this anime character has videos on Pornhub of Sweetie Fox, Purple Bitch, AliceBong, Spooky Boogie Myfreecams Model 2013 to 2019! I Have My Manyvids Cosplay Videos Profile and I Need a Man to make Sex Videos with me Recorded with Tons Of Creampie! I Want My Vagina Stretched by a Big Thick Cock! My busty beautiful blonde takes off her t-shirt and sucks my cock! Blonde in sexy fetish lingerie stripping and gets hard fucked by horny Ewerton and showered by Sperm! My cute new wife gave me a pleasant sex blowjob in the morning after hot night of wild sex! Her hands are soft and my pecker is hard, and it is all thanks to her! A blonde tourist from Canada meet Ewerton in the Cruiser and later make fun recording this blowjob in the middle of the ocean,!holy fuck! She loves to suck long hard dicks which are making her nipples rock hard! This is a very rare thing for me, luckily I got it on tape! BIG ASS! My Wet Big Cock cumming for the Big Pussy and Ass of Canadian Jessica Marie! MFC Instagram Model Twitch Woman Vancouver! Twitch ricebunnyxo Vancouver BC This woman steals credit card user data to put in her bank account through her Onlyfans! She stole $ 8,076 at Onlyfans for credit card subscription data! The apartment located in Vancouver BC Canada,where Jessica Marie lives! *** PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FIRST*** *** ALL SCENES IN PREVIEW ARE ONLY SCENES AND IN THAT ORDER THATS IT!! *** ***THIS WAS A CUSTOM VIDEO (NO ONES NAME WAS USED)*** ***THIS VIDEO IS A MIX OF SEXY BUT MIXED WITH A TOUCH OF COMEDIC AT TIMES (in my opinion atleast for the comedic part) so please keep that in mind!*** Many of the lines said were given to me by the buyer to specifically say aswell as the acting*** (I DONT TELL YOU WHEN TO CUM, THE CUMSHOT IS AN UNEXPECTED CUMSHOT FROM YOU BEING EDGED SO LONG)*** *** PLEASE SKIP TO 11 MIN MARK IF YOU WANT TO GET RIGHT TO THE DILDO SCENES/POINT*** THIS VIDEO IS VERY LONG WITH EDGING AND TAKES AWHILE TO GET INTO*** SOLO VID*** I say "sweetie" and "build up your stamina" often in the vid*** ***PLOT:*** Your mom calls you into her bedroom to have a talk with her while your father is out and its just the two of you. She really wants to talk to you about something.....Your mom knows your headed off to college in less then a week and she just realized shes never given you the sex talk before. She wants you to be informed on how to be protected with sex and how to please a woman properly. She explains that she knows when your in college theres going to be girls everywhere and your probably going to be having lots of sex and she wants to make sure your prepared. She also explains that she and your father are really hoping you get a nice stable girlfriend in college and that maybe teaching you how to please a woman in bed and informing you about sex might help your relationship with your future girlfriend be more longer lasting as many women feel unsatisified in bed because there man cums too quickly. Your mom explains that theres many things she can teach you, like how to eat out a woman, how to hit her G spot etc.....but today mommy wants to teach you how to edge yourself. She shows you how to edge yourself and how YOU can masturbate properly to make yourself last longer in bed with the next girl you decide to fuck. Your mom jerks you off with her hand, then she moves to blowjob and lastly tittyfucking. She wants to see how well you can restrain yourself with cumming. In the end you suprise mommy with a cumshot while she tittyfucks you. *** PLEASE dont downvote my vid based on something I clearly stated via description/clearly see in preview (e.g downvoting because you didnt like the comedic value or that its solo even though I said this before you bought it) I would super appreciate it*** *** ANY STREAMING/DOWNLOADING ISSUES PLEASE LET ME OR MANYVIDS KNOW SO WE CAN FIX FOR YOU :) *** #Wife #DomMaleDom #MaleDom #MaleDomination #JessicaMarie #MFC #Bunibun #Manyvids #Canada #Vancouver #Brazil
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